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Burma: Karen National Union Reinstates Dismissed Leaders


By Naw Noreen


The Karen National Union (KNU) reinstated the Karen National Liberation Army’s Commander-in-Chief Mutu Say Poe and the KNU’s Social Welfare Department head Roger Khin after the two were dismissed last month after opening an unauthorised liaison office with the government.

The group also posthumously reinstated the KNU’s Justice Department chief David Htaw, who died earlier this month after being sacked by the organisation.


The KNU’s Mahn Nyein Maung said the group’s Central Committee made their decision during an emergency meeting held on 25 and 26 October.

“We reached a decision to leave the disagreements behind [and focus on] national unity, organisational interests and fulfilling the will of the people,” said Mahn Nyein Maung.

The group also agreed to recognise David Htaw’s commitment to the Karen people and to continue building peace with the government. The group will also recognise the controversial liaison office in the Karen state capital of Hpa-an, which prompted the dismissal of the three senior leaders.


“We are determined to find solutions to political problems through political dialogues to bring internal peace, national unity and rights for the Karen people,” said Mahn Nyein Maung.

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