Spain’s PM Rajoy Says Main Objective For Catalonia Is To Begin New Period Of ‘Peace’ And ‘Social Harmony’


In an interview on Telecinco, Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy stressed that a reform of the Spanish Constitution cannot be “a reward” for those who sought to destroy it.

Furthermore, Rajoy said that the recent statements from the General Secretary of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) [Republican Left of Catalonia], Marta Rovira, on how Central Government was going to act against any sovereignty process are “slanderous”.

Rajoy again recalled that “a parallel legal situation was invented” in Catalonia, something “genuinely unbelievable in a democratic country such as Spain”. Although he admitted that triggering Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution was not an “easy” decision, Rajoy acknowledged that it served to change “many things”.

In this regard, Rajoy also stressed that legality has been restored in Catalonia and elections have been called within a legal framework, and “we now face a situation of much greater normality”. “The goal now is for Catalonia to recover peace and social harmony following the elections on 21 December”, he added.

21 December

As regards Article 155, Rajoy stressed that “it is a democratic act” provided for under the Spanish Constitution, which states that, “under exceptional circumstances, the State is entitled to defend itself.”

As regards the elections on December 21, Rajoy said he is convinced that “things will go well for those of us who believe in the law”, “in the rule of law”, “in national sovereignty and in the unity of Spain.”

When asked about the possible return of Carles Puigdemont to Catalonia before  December 21, Rajoy stressed that “we should expect anything” from him, although the former President of the Regional Government of Catalonia “has a duty to obey the law and comply with the Spanish Constitution” in any case.

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