My Soul Mate Embraced Death Like A Valiant Solider: She Is Always Looking At Me And Smiling At My Mistakes – OpEd


Death follows a strict calendar. It is never untimely. Death comes when it is destined to come. In fact, death acts as a shield and protects a person as long as he is supposed to live. But when the time comes, death kills him. Death, however, is not the end of life. A person is not completely born until he is dead. Some people get noticed after their death.

Death relieved her of her pain on November 22, 2012. But she embraced death like a valiant solider. She bore testimony to oneness of Allah, Prophethood of Muhammad (SAW) and sought pardon for her sins before leaving for her heavenly abode.

She was none other than my soul mate, my life mate, my dawn and my dusk. I shared my life’s best moments with her.

She is always there to inspire me but notwithstanding all this, she is no more. What an irony? The people you need most, leave you the when you need them the most. People are born and people die. But when she died a vacuum was created in my life.

I had a blessed childhood and a blessed family too. One needs a partner in life. Nobody can live it alone. Marriage is a union of two souls. The partners share moments of grief and joy. They stand by each other in difficult times and hold hands to smile together when going is smooth.

The day I was told that my wife was suffering from breast cancer was very hard. How could it be true? But she once again stood by me. We decided to fight it together and we did, for some time until that fateful day when I was informed that she had blood cancer.

On November 22, she started her eternal life. She is now at a place where there are no ailments, no sufferings and no worries. I know she lives there in peace. Though I cannot see her, but she is always there besides me, looking at me, smiling at my mistakes.

Our relation lasted eighteen years and during all these years she ensured that I stayed comfortable. Whenever I was in distress, she would sit beside me and together we would lighten the hilly burden.

She was not just my life partner; she was more a teacher and used to give me the lessons of life. I feel short of words to describe her personality. All I can say is that she gave a reason to live, a reason to smile and a reason to survive. She was indeed God’s most beautiful gift to me.

Six years have passed. This separation has also changed my life. Apparantly I am alone but as mentioned earlier, I feel her beside me always. I cannot blame Allah the almighty for snatching her from me. I can only pray for her. I have been seeking a choicest place for her in the Jannah.

Now that she is not before me I miss her every moment and every hour. I have vehemently compromised with life now. Her death posed the biggest challenge of life to me.

Time are very hard but as they say the show has to go one. I am not going to give up because by doing so I will only be insulting her. She believed in struggle and that is exactly I have been doing all these years. The show will go on and I shall continue to miss her and pray for her. This is the reality of life.

“To Him we belong and to Him we shall return” (Al Quran. )

*Farooq Wani is a Kashmir based senior journalist and analyst

Farooq Wani

Farooq Wani is a Kashmir senior journalist, columnist and political commentator.

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