Islamic State Suffers Heavy Casualties In Syrian Army Operation In Dara’a


Hundreds of ISIL terrorists have been killed or wounded in a Syrian Army offensive in Hawz Yarmouk in Southwestern Dara’a in the last ten days, local sources reported on Sunday.

The sources said that more than 230 ISIL terrorists have been killed and hundreds more wounded in the army’s massive operation in Hawz Yarmouk region in Southwestern Dara’a that started ten days ago.

The sources further said that the army men have now fortified their newly-captured positions in the region, repelling several heavy attacks of the ISIL.

They went on to say that less than 10 villages and small towns are still under ISIL’s control in Hawz Yarmouk.

Earlier reports said that the army men, backed up by artillery and missile units, continued to storm ISIL’s strongholds in Hawz Yarmouk and captured the villages of Feisoun, al-Awam and Ein Samamah.

The army soldiers further drove ISIL out of the villages of Abu Raqqa, Abu Kharaj and al-Nafe’ah Dam.

ISIL suffered heavy casualties and its military hardware sustained major damage in the attacks.

Fars News Agency

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