ISSN 2330-717X

Flexible Hybrid Capacitors Based On Transition Metal Composite Electrode


The shortage of fossil energy sources lead to high requirements for the exploration of sustainable energy conversion and storage equipment. Supercapacitor (SC) is a kind of excellent energy storage device due to the high power density and long cycle life. However, the low energy density restricts their further practical application.


Therefore, it is extremely important to develop high-performance electrode materials with excellent performances. Transition metal oxides are considered to be promising candidates for supercapacitor electrode materials.

Researchers led by Prof. Xiang Wu at Shenyang University of  Technology (SUT), China, report Co3O4@NiMoO4 nanowire structures grown on porous nickel foam via a two-step hydrothermal method.

With conductive nickel foam as the skeleton, it provides high capacitance of electrode materials. When used as cathode material for asymmetric supercapacitors, Co3O4@NiMoO4//activated carbon device shows a high energy density and long cycle stability.

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