Bahrain Claims Qatar Behind 2011 Unrest


Middle East news outlets are reporting Tuesday that Qatar played a role in the unrest that hit Bahrain in 2011.

According to the Bahrain News Agency, Qatar was the mastermind and its security and official arms were the real players in the unrest that hit Bahrain in 2011.

Specifically, a BNA article claims that Qatar conspired with Iran to overthrow the Bahrain regime by using the internet and social media network sites and media.

The news articles are based on reports that investigations by Bahraini cyber security authorities have proved by tracing Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that key social media accounts were created in Qatar.

The Saudi state news agency SPA, reports that these accounts, that have been de-classified, were created on social media outlets, calling upon Bahrainis to “rise against their rulers and sacrifice their blood for their freedom”. Those accounts later shared posts on local forums calling for Bahrainis to protest on February 14 and work together to overthrow the regime.

For the past few months, Bahrain, along with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have imposed sanctions on Qatar, a country they claim supports terrorism, and has close ties to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar denies those claims.

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