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The new school year is off to a wild start. Perversion, anti-Americanism, and racism are being taught in some schools, and it’s happening at all levels, from K-graduate school. Those pushing this sick agenda are imbued with hate: their animus is clearly directed at Western civilization, the very home to liberty and equality they have targeted for assault.

In one Minnesota school district, a sex education class asks heterosexual students to engage in role playing, pretending they are homosexual; they are also asked to consider whether they should have sex with each other. Other students in the Richfield School District are asked to pretend that they belong to the opposite sex, and to consider whether they should have sex with a woman. In a gesture toward inclusivity, they are taught about anal sex.

This begins in kindergarten.

In a more sane time, the educators would be arrested for child abuse.

Fairfax High School in Virginia was the site of a recent school board blowup. One of the parents, Stacy Langton, complained that the school library housed porn books that discussed man-boy sex; they also featured illustrations of oral sex, masturbation and “violent nudity.”

She also read aloud obscene words from the books about the male sex organ and fellatio, only to be interrupted by a female school board member who was worried—now she was worried!—that children in the room might hear what was being said. Langton was not deterred and kept on talking.

In a more sane time, the school would be sued for corrupting the morals of minors.

Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles started the year with a deranged teacher who took down the American flag from the classroom. Inserted in its place were a Palestinian flag, the transgender flag, a Black Lives Matter flag and “the modern PRIDE flag.” Hanging from the wall were posters saying, “F*** THE POLICE” and “F*** AMERIKKKA. THIS IS NATIVE LAND.”

In a more sane time, the teacher would have been terminated.

The public school system in Evanston, Illinois started the academic year with a pending lawsuit against it. The officials who run it are teaching children about the horrors of being a white person. That’s just for starters. They are teaching third, fourth, and fifth graders that “it is important to disrupt the Western nuclear family dynamics as the best/proper way to have a family.” They explicitly denounce as “normal” the family that consists of “mom, dad, son, daughter, and pet.”

So what family form should we emulate? Dysfunctional ones? Of course, in the racist mindset of these anti-Western civilization maniacs, there is no such things as “dysfunctional” families—they are simply “alternative families.”

In a more sane society, the school system would be branded as racist and the administrators would be quarantined.

It’s not just in the elementary and secondary schools where insanity reigns. Columbia University has a new program where students are implored to “critically engage with whiteness.” They specifically target white students who claim to be “liberal, progressive, and a champion of social justice.” Looks like conservative students are written off as hopeless, and are therefore exempt from these thought control exercises.

American University and Western Washington University have decided to follow the lead of schools like Stanford University by introducing segregated housing for black students. “Black Affinity Housing” is what these dorms are being called. George Wallace must be smiling from his grave. And a professor from Virginia Tech recently told students that she was working “on a daily basis to be antiracist and confront the innate racism” within herself, which, she said, was the “reality and history of white people.”

In a more sane society, the segregationists and the confessed white racist would be arrested for violating the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Pope Benedict XVI warned us many times about the attacks on our Judeo-Christian heritage. His only mistake was in underestimating the extent to which educational elites have literally gone off the deep end.

In a more sane society, the elites would be straightjacketed and taken to the nearest asylum. If they were lucky, that is.

William Donohue

William Donohue is the current president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the United States, and has held that position since 1993.

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