The US Government’s Use Of Out Of Control Oligarchs And Countries To Break The Law – OpEd


For the past 70 years, the United States of America government, in all three branches (executive, legislative, and judiciary) have made good use of the proxy world in accomplishing not only their legal goals, but also, with great and alarming ever increasing frequency, their illegal, immoral, and criminal goals, all in violation of the worlds’ and its own federal, state and local law.

For example, the US Government promulgates laws that forbid murder and assassination – so instead the US intelligence services and military makes use of various rogue nations throughout the world as veritable “hit men” to take out their enemies, either open or clandestine. 

Favorite choices are using Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other countries where lawlessness is heavily intertwined with how much money exchanges hands by and between the USA and that nation.

Additionally, everyone knows that the United States has a U.S. Constitution, with the first and most important Amendment being, just that, the First Amendment, which guarantees the right to free and open expression of speech and communication without hindrance, harassment, obstruction, or financial retaliation or punishment by said US Government.

However, enter the world of Big Technology, comprised of such morally upstanding (sarcasm) tech trillionaire (sarcasm) “private corporation” giants as Google, Yelp, Bing Microsoft, FaceBook, Amazon, Twitter, and other gargantuan behemoths that literally have woven a web around the United States of America and its citizenry, as well as around the rest of the world, to stifle, muffle, shut down, “cancel,” drown out, silence and retaliate against anyone and everyone who speaks out against the foreign and domestic policies that only a few 100 American oligarchs possess and get passed, through their direct prostitutes in the U.S. Congress and Senate, through “election donations” and other such legalized bribery and public corruption.

These Big Tech empires are immune from lawsuits by the Communications Decency Act § 230 while they curtail, control, stifle and muffle free speech, literature, news, free expression, and free thought with impunity while having more money and power than the United States government.

Then of course enter the Big Banks/Finance, which effectively have the ability to shut down anyone and everyone financially if they “step out of line” in any way, thus forcing that targeted individual or business to struggle to buy and sell, pay bills or rent, or even eat, thus starving them into submission, all in violation of ethics and morality, but apparently not the law, since they are also “private corporations” not engaging in “state action” regulated by the United States Constitution.

The United State Supreme Court case, Citizens United v FEC solidified this mass financial rape of U.S. Democracy and the Constitutional Bill of Rights by allowing billionaire oligarchs, like the late and former casino boss Sheldon Adelson, to be the only singular voice controlling former President Trump through his agents National Security tools John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Brian Hook, and other mercenary souls to bomb Iran, and thus start World War III, at the behest of Israel and other aggressive Zionist Jews throughout the world.

And this mechanism is not just limited to the right, or the left.

The left wing has billionaire oligarch titans like George Soros pushing a veritable communist agenda, while the right wing Oligarchs have heavy hitters such as Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Paul Singer, Robert Mercer, Stephen Schwarzman, the Koch family, and others pulling the political puppet strings in the U.S., throwing American into veritable left-wing communism and then into near capitalist right-wing oligarchical feudalism, with every successive presidential and legislator election every few years.

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