Ron Paul And The Killing Machine – OpEd


Ron Paul is the only antiwar candidate who has a (microscopic) chance of winning in 2012. He’s also the only candidate who will make an effort to restore the Bill of Rights and reverse Congress’s decision to allow the president to “indefinitely” imprison American citizens without due process. For these reasons alone, Paul should garner the support of leftists, liberals, and progressives. But he won’t, because liberals are convinced that Paul will try to dismantle the social programs upon which the elderly, the infirm, and the vulnerable depend.

These concerns are not without foundation. Paul opposes government meddling in the market and sees Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as steps towards socialism. That means, there’s a good chance that these programs will come under fire if Paul is elected. The question is: How should we balance our concerns about Social Security with our opposition to the war(s)?

To answer that question, we need to create a “hypothetical”.

Let’s say, Paul surprises his critics and wins the presidency in a landslide victory in November 2012. Then–in his first public appearance as president–he issues an executive order to stop all Social Security payments immediately, thus cutting off the meager revenue-stream that millions of the nation’s elderly need to scrape-by.

Isn’t this the worst-case scenario? Isn’t this what liberals are really worried about?

Okay, so let’s say it all goes-down just as we said. Let’s say Paul tries to strangle Social Security from Day 1. Isn’t that still infinitely better than another Falluja, another Haditha, another Abu Ghraib, another bombed-out wedding party?

Yes, it’s wrong to deprive the sick and elderly of some pittance so they can eek by, but is it as wrong as blowing women and children to bits in their own country, in their own cities, in their own homes?

It’s a question of priorities, right? So, what’s more important; ending the bloodletting or some potential threat to Social Security?

Paul will stop the killing. We should use our vote to do the same.

Mike Whitney

Mike Whitney writes on politics and finances and lives in Washington state. He can be reached at [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul And The Killing Machine – OpEd

  • December 30, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    The great thing about his plan is that he takes the money saved overseas and uses it to make sure Social Security, Medicaid and Veterans benefits are funded. So you can have live children and live seniors with Paul.

  • December 30, 2011 at 11:43 pm

    What a cunningly crafted “Back Handed” approval. This blog entry is … as the Scots would say “Crap!”

    There is no way any president could eliminate the legal contract between the US Government and all the beneficiaries that have been paying into this fund for years … alone. Without congress enacting a law to undue a previous law it can’t happen. The logic of the above post does not even deserve a response other than … I really wonder “which behind the scenes … shadow force” is paying Mike Whitney to be a pawn to write such Cunning Crap. Mike .. do you really think we are that stupid … or … ? … (I think I will leave the latter part of this answer up to Mike’s morning mirror.)


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