Taliban Shoot Dead 21 Pakistani Soldiers


Taliban militants have shot dead 21 Pakistani soldiers who were kidnapped three days ago in a raid on two camps in the troubled northwest of the country, officials said Sunday.

Around 200 heavily-armed militants stormed two government paramilitary camps on Thursday, killing two security personnel and kidnapping at least 23.

The attackers armed with heavy weapons including mortars and rocket launchers struck before dawn at the militia posts outside Peshawar, the main city of northwest Pakistan, close to the restive tribal areas that border Afghanistan.


“We found 21 bullet riddled bodies of security personnel a short while ago in an uninhabited area,” local government official Naveed Akbar told AFP.

“One was found alive but wounded and admitted to hospital while another managed to escape unhurt.”

Gul Shehzad, another government official, said authorities received information just before midnight that some bodies were lying in the wilderness within about four kilometres of the camps. He said Taliban militants had accepted the responsibility for the kidnappings.


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