Will WEF Be Scapegoated For The Crumbling Liberal-Globalist Order? – OpEd


To preempt populist revolts worldwide, Big Capital may eventually switch its backing to a variety of nationalist forces. But will the systemic suppression of personal liberties be reversed under this scenario? 

The year 2022 is coming to an end and no sane mind is expecting the incoming year, or the immediate ones after that, to be rosy. Double-digit inflation rates or higher, afflicting half the world, are expected to get worse over the coming years. 

Blaming the “pandemic” for this global meltdown is however an elitist-curated fallacy. Predictions that the richest 1% will usurp an overwhelming chunk of global wealth by 2030 – coincidentally at the Rubicon crossing of the Great Reset – have been around for decades. Policy-makers however conveniently looked the other way. After all, World Economic Forum (WEF) president Klaus Schwab had repeatedly boasted that his organisation had infiltrated national cabinets through its Young Global Leaders (YGL) program. The accompanying infiltration of corporations, religious institutions, think tanks and activist groups completed this global subversion process. 

To be picked as a YGL, one needs to be a deceptively “intelligent” script reader. Nothing more! Many YGLs are career politicians who also benefit from sinecures arranged by globalist tributaries to the WEF. 

As for the track record of older WEF stalwarts, consider the trajectory of current Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe. While as prime minister in 2018, Wickremesinghe had penned a glowing WEF Op-Ed on how he will make his “country rich by 2025”. Within four years however, his house would be ransacked by impoverished mobs and his country would be declared bankrupt. The WEF promptly took down the embarrassing Op-Ed. Yet, in spite of his policy misteps, Wickremesinghe has recently been appointed to the post of president. 

Such is the apparent power wielded by WEF minions. 

A World Engineered to Fail

The YGL is not a novel phenomenon. From the mid-19th century onwards, a plethora of youth movements emerged worldwide – all of whom had “listened to the science” of the day in pursuit of the elusive “New Man”. Among their ranks included the Young Turks, the Zionist Youth Movement, the German Youth Movement and a desiderata of mutually-hostile young internationalist (Marxist) and nationalist groupings. (The YGL belongs to the internationalist strain). The 1860s Narodniki movement in Russia had even floated a radical plan to exclude everyone aged 25 and above from public life in order to reset society. What they engendered instead was totalitarian Bolshevism. Isn’t this redolent of the contemporary “child actorvism” phenomenon? 

When juvenile naivety is mated to youthful atavism, the results are simply disastrous. Think of the two world wars and countless genocides that were partly fueled by these immature forces of change? China’s bloodsoaked cultural revolution was largely a youth-led forced reset against traditional norms. Similarly, the Khmer Rouge used pre-teen executioners to rid society of teachers, priests, doctors and intellectuals whose existence had presented an inexpedient continuum with the past. You cannot have a New Normal without destroying the old order; and the Great Reset cannot be realised without a preceding “Great Regress”.

In reality, one would be hard-pressed to find a “young movement” that had bequeathed a positive civilizational legacy to mankind. Unless one considers the account of Jesus Christ and his followers. (We are still at the tail-end of the traditional Christmas season). Jesus began his ministry at the age of 30 despite showing unusual wisdom from age 12. It takes time for wisdom to be tempered and authoritative but that lesson seems to be lost in a world of instant gratification.  

Jesus and his compassion for broken souls are however an anathema to the likes of the WEF.  The Christian empathetic worldview is deemed both unscientific and a hindrance to progress. According to top WEF ideologue Yuval Noah Harari, Jesus is “fake news”, there is no God and certainly no such thing as human rights. The vast majority of human beings are merely useless people/eaters whose lives are meaningless and worthless, requiring distractions in the form of “drugs” and “computer games”. 

What would be their ultimate fate under the Great Reset?  

This “bold new world” narrative gets scarier as one follows the globalist rabbit trail. Select homo sapiens, according to Harari, are nothing more than  “hackable animals” who will require transhumanist upgrades through techno-biological means. In Hariri’s own words: “We are upgrading humans into gods.” ”Doesn’t this resonate with the centuries-old quest for the “New Man”? Nazi Germany had attempted it and the Bible had warned of it; not once but twice

Now, I consider Hariri to be a cut-and-paste intellectual who has yet to utter anything sui generis. He attributes human progress to groupthink and considers rationality and individuality to be myths. The French polymath Gustave Le Bon, however, had this to say about groupthink and crowds: “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduces them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”

The WEF and its puppet masters must be well-acquainted with this principle. They also seem to understand the “3.5% rule”; one where a rabid, dedicated minority of “useful idiots” can supposedly “change the world”. 

But can the Disneyland fantasies of the WEF hold up in a VUCA decade

Lurch to the Right

There is an old saying that can be traced to ancient Greece: “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.” The world, particularly the West, is irretrievably mired in a bottomless pit of collective madness. Children are growing up with doubts over something as basic as their own gender. Supporting these hordes of  “useless eaters” would be a very expensive proposition down the line. The disruptive woke crowd may have played a contributory role to the ongoing great wealth transfer but usefulness – much like life – comes with an expiry date. 

Investment behemoths like BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street aka Big Capital have little incentive in perpetuating this mass psychosis. This trio manages global assets worth $22 trillion – worth nearly a quarter of the global GDP no less – and they are the ones who determine which products, policies and governments can maximise their profits. 

If there are any doubts over the clout of these institutions, one only needs to research the ownership patterns of varied multinationals in Yahoo Finance. Big Capital and its ancillaries have their fingers on just about every global pie. One of the few notable exceptions happens to be Huawei which may be the real reason why it is anathematized by the West.

Through its hydra-like control of the global economy, Big Capital can decide what constitutes a pandemic, when to lock down economies and when to reverse course when the capital accumulation process is threatened. If the hungry, poor, and disabled pose an economic burden, there are drastic solutions available in the form of  “voluntary” euthanasia programs.

Canada is a testbed for this new barbarism. As Archbishop J. Michael Miller of Vancouver observed recently: “In six years, Canada has gone from totally banning euthanasia to (having) one of the most permissive euthanasia regimes in the world.” This too is not an entirely new phenomenon. Nazi Germany’s T-4 euthanasia program was based on a similar scientific premise against “useless eaters”. Playwrights such as George Bernard Shaw endorsed such extermination policies via Marxist logic. 

People will sooner or later revolt against this pervasive inhumanity. Big Capital may therefore need a course reversal which will likely be cloaked under the veil of nationalism. Such backpedalling may already be afoot.  Twitter’s ongoing file dumps reveal how the liberal Big Tech had colluded with the US deep state to engage in elections meddling, mass censorship, baseless propaganda campaigns and the propagation of child pornography. And of course, universal suppression of medical dissent. 

I posit that the Twitter file dumps constitute the beginning of a process to identify liberal fall guys – WEF collaborators to be precise – for the global meltdowns ahead. Imagine the populist approval worldwide when this French Revolution-type scenario transpires? At least Marie Antoinette had allegedly urged her hungry subjects to “eat cakes” (brioches). The WEF on the other hand is recommending insects and worms.

All Big Capital needs now is a “Black Thursday” event or a global cyber-attack to induce universal mayhem. This script was even featured in an old X-Files episode! As leftist forces battle their nationalist counterparts in pitched street battles worldwide, there will be a need to bring “order out of chaos” aka the Great Reset.  Biometric verification, for example, may be required for all activities – even from the comfort of one’s home. Cellphones are already equipped with fingerprint and iris scan features and they will be mated to computers in order to access the Internet, online banking and all other forms of socioeconomic activity. 

Ironically, Harari’s “fake news” compilation called the Bible had prophesied this very outcome millenia ago. 

Mathew Maavak

Dr. Mathew Maavak's research interests include systems science, global risks, geopolitics, foresight and governance. Follow him on Twitter @MathewMaavak or read his latest articles at https://drmathewmaavak.substack.com

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