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Saudi Arabia: Lecturer Accused Of Blasphemy


An Arabic lecturer at the Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University has been suspended and an investigation ordered after he was found to have allegedly recorded and circulated blasphemous messages on social media.


Audio clips with messages purportedly recorded by the lecturer, a Saudi, kicked up a storm on Twitter in the Kingdom on Thursday, local media reported.

The audio clips, attributed to him, contains comments against Almighty Allah, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and his companions and Islam. The clip also raises doubts over the Holy Qur’an and its scientific miracles, validity of Isra and Meraj, the report said.

When a local newspaper contacted Fawzan Al-Fawzan, acting director of the university, he said: “The lecturer has released a number of audio clips in which he has abused the holy companions and attacked the religion of Islam.”

Al-Fawzan added: “I did not know the recordings until Wednesday. When I listened to them, I confirmed that it was his (lecturer’s) voice as was also attested by a number of associates of the university who have received these messages on their mobiles.”

He said that as per the rules, the lecturer has been suspended temporarily and the matter has been referred to a disciplinary committee of the university for action.


Meanwhile, the lecturer rejected the allegation against him, saying that the clip was doctored with malicious intentions against him.

“I sincerely believe in Allah and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,” he said. “I am a Sunni and I seek Allah’s blessings.”

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