Yemen: Al Qaeda Declares South Province As “Islamic Emirate”


Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has announced Yemen’s Abyan province as an “Islamic emirate”. The statement was issued by the group and posted on the internet.

“From now on, women who go out to the markets need to be accompanied by a relative, who carry a proof by identity cards, or passports,” it said.

Earlier this week, it was reported that gunmen took control on the presidential palace complex, communications facilities and a local ammunitions factory.

Following the announcement of al-Qaeda, Yemeni opposition parties called their members and supporters to form popular committees , in order to” protect citizens, public and private properties from the chaos that is planned by the regime, which wants “to stay as long as possible and distort the purity of this great people’s revolution. ”

On Saturday, the building of the presidential palace and the local radio station in the Directorate of “Jaar”, Abyan governorate, south of Yemen, was surrounded by gunmen. The gunmen have distributing leaflets calling for the security men to surrender and hand over their weapons.

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