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Iran: IRGC Tows, Releases US Unmanned Vessel In Persian Gulf


The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy on Tuesday took control of an unmanned American vessel in the Persian Gulf whose navigation communications had been disconnected, and released the sea drone afterwards. 


According to Iran, the action by the IRGC Navy to control and tow the US vessel was aimed at securing the shipping routes and preventing accidents, as several cases of such incidents have occurred in recent weeks.

After an American destroyer came to the zone and was briefed on the security regulations and safe navigation processes, the sea drone was released at the discretion of the commander of the IRGC Navy’s logistical warship.

In recent weeks, many unmanned American vessels have been deployed to international waters and international shipping lanes from Bahrain without compliance with the protocols on unmanned vessels and sea drones, causing problems in the shipping routes.

Such sea drones, the purpose of whose deployment to the shipping routes is not still clear, could result in unexpected maritime accidents because of the possible disconnection of their navigation communication systems.


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