A Serial Killer Called ‘Socialism’ – OpEd


By Rafael Acevedo*

Socialism has killed more than 100 million people in the world. This metric is one example of why the system implemented in Venezuela for the past 60 years is the worst option to improve the quality of life.  Ludwig von Mises once said that every soccialist is a potential dictator, and the history in Venezuela support his statement, My country is now ruled by one of the worst assassin tyrannies of the world and — as one of history’s most dedicated socialist regimes — it could not be anything else.

On October 5th a leader of the political party Primero Justicia, Fernando Alban, was killed by these enemies of human freedom. The tortures inflicted on him by the SEBIN (the Venezeualan intelligence agency) were so severe that did to him that Alban died of his injuries. The only way that the regime found to wash its hands of his death was to throw his corpse from a 10-storey building. Immediately the “ Chief Prosecutor ” of Venezuela declared that the official version of Alban’s death was suicide and that there would be “consequences” against people that publicly say — or insinuat —- that the SEBIN assassinated Alban.

Nevertheless, Alban is not the first victim if this regime. Venezuela has suffered the assassination of many people; literally, the tyranny has its hands stained with blood and the collaborationist opposition is doing nothing to stop this situation because they only want the political power and the control of the economy. Just in 2017 the security forces killed more than 150 people that were protesting against the regime, the majority of those people were young students that wanted a country where they could live in freedom.

Therefore, the classic socialist tactic of eliminating its adversaries — no matter the price — is common and repeated constantly.

On October 12th a Lieutenant Colonel (retired) of the Air Force Rafael Ernesto Díaz Cuello was jailed. The reason given by Jorge Rodriguez  — one of the Regime’s Capos — was that Diaz Cuello is guilty of treason to the homeland. Yet, Díaz Cuello is not a traitor, I have had the opportunity to talk and share the stage as speakers with him. He is just a retired officer that shares his views and proposals to overcome the crisis that this regime is causing to Venezuelans. Of course, he focuses his conferences with an army view but one of his more disseminated proposals is uncomfortable to the regime, as I, he states that at this moment Venezuela requires a transitional government — using Switzerland’s government structure — with the support of international security forces or the replication of Singapore’s experience.

However, Díaz Cuello is not the only military man in jail or accused of treason. In June the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional reported more than 99 military officers and personnel were in jail or discharged of their functions because they were charged with conspiracies against the regime, including 2 active Generals. In addition, we have to recall the case of Oscar Pérez an ex-police officer that was heading a group of rebels which was massacred by the regime — despite the fact they had already surrendered. This sort of thing is without precedent in Venezuela.

So, when people analyze the real history of socialism, it is important to understand this is a system soaked on blood.  Young people especially must recognizethat the implementation of this system — or “social democracy,” “progressivism,” or “social Christianism” — often ends in the destruction of life and liberty for countless people. To  open one’s political and economy system to such a threat would be like opening one’s house to a serial killer.

About the author:
*Rafael Acevedo
is Founder Director of Econintech, and teaches at the Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado in Barquisimeto. He is also Director of Politics of the Venezuelan Freedom Movement.

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One thought on “A Serial Killer Called ‘Socialism’ – OpEd

  • November 3, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    “Socialism has killed more than 100 million people in the world” That’s just a fraction of what the American empire has killed. Socialism raised 1.7 billion Chinese and Russians out of illiteracy and poverty in just two generations. Before the twentieth-century Russian and Chinese revolutions, 80% of those people were illiterate. Their economies were largely muscle powered agrarian. Their introduction to the industrial revolution were difficult, no doubt, but that has been true everywhere.


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