Merkel Defends Euro In New Year’s Message


(RFE/RL) — In a New Year’s message, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended the euro, but said European nations must strengthen their cooperation if the currency is to be successful.

In a televised address due to be broadcast on December 31, Merkel said the euro has brought convenience to consumers and made the German economy, Europe’s biggest, stronger since the currency was introduced 10 years ago.

But Merkel, acknowledging the debt crisis in some members of the 17-country eurozone, said European countries will need to cooperate more closely in order to overcome the crisis and secure the future of the common currency.

Merkel also warned that 2012 may be more difficult than 2011 as the region struggles with the debt crisis.


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One thought on “Merkel Defends Euro In New Year’s Message

  • January 1, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    I wonder,if the eurozone will survive having a (child)member state like Greece.
    The more you feed Greece,the deeper the hole will be and harder to come out of it.
    Greece will use the money in the next general elections to prop-up their political standings between the three governing parties.
    Greek politisians will adjust their financial books,they have proven of their capability in that regard, enhance themselves as they allways have.
    Poor Europe will continue printing more money,and deny the benefit of its citizens just to keep Greek politisians afloat.Well done EU.


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