Egypt May Strip Topless Protester Of Citizenship


Egypt’s Prosecutor General is to review a request to strip a woman who protested topless against the new constitution outside the Egyptian Embassy in Sweden of her citizenship, local media reported on Monday.

The request accuses the protestor, Alia al Mahdi, of “undermining the authority of the state and disrespecting the religious sensibilities of the Egyptian people” and demands that she is branded a “persona non grata” and banned from entering the country.

The applicant, Islamic movement activist Mahmoud Abderrahman, included a video of the protest outside the Egyptian Embassy in Stockholm as supporting evidence.


Two days before the final stage of Egypt’s referendum on the new constitution, women including activists with the FEMEN group, famous for using nudity in their campaigns, staged a protest outside the Egyptian Embassy in Sweden over the constitution’s failure to explicitly protect women’s rights.

The days leading up to the referendum on the constitution saw numerous protests by women’s rights groups within Egypt.

At one headline-grabbing protest, campaigners gathered on Tahrir Square and cut their hair in a symbolic gesture against what they see as diminished rights for women under the new constitution.

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One thought on “Egypt May Strip Topless Protester Of Citizenship

  • January 2, 2013 at 8:52 am

    Under International law a State cannot strip its own national of nationality unless the person has some other nationality.


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