Sri Lanka: Sirisena Promises To ‘Bring Motherland’ To Position Of World Greatness


Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena says the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) led by Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) has now initiated the path to build a clean political movement, and through this initiative which will be unquestionably victorious, we will bring this nation to a position of greatness in this world in future.

Sirisena made these remarks addressing the candidates who contest the LG elections under the UPFA and SLFP banner at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium.

Addressing the candidates, the President further stated that the important step in the process of building a clean political movement much needed for the country over a long period of time will commence through the Local Government elections to be held on February 10.

President Sirisena said that the main obstacle to build this country is that many politicians are subjected to corruption and fraud, which is why it is necessary to speak of a clean political movement without any corruption in the election manifestos of the political parties as well as in election stages of every political party.

The President said that he is committed to build the SLFP as an honest and clean political movement and said that after himself the SLFP Chairmanship would not be handed over to one of his family members, but for the younger generation of the SLFP.

Expressing his views regarding the initiatives taken to build Sri Lanka as a developed prosperous nation, the President said that responding to the request made by him to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Premier has agreed to send 40,000 metric tons of fertilizer to Sri Lanka, to provide solutions to the issues relating to fertilizer.

The meeting was summoned to apprise the SLFP candidates about the forthcoming local government polls.

During this event, all the candidates gave their oath to create clean governance within the Local Government institutions while protecting the principles of the SLFP.

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