Saudi Arabia: Crown Prince Launches Social Welfare Program


Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has ordered yet another social initiative titled “SNAD Mohammed bin Salman” program to empower citizens and to help them achieve their socioeconomic goals.
The first phase of the program includes “SNAD marriage,” which aims to motivate the Saudi youth to get married and to ensure a stable family and social life.

The program is aimed to develop nonprofit social initiatives for the welfare of the masses.

It aims to address the needs of different sectors of society as well as setting up framework and rules for Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s charitable initiatives.

The SNAD program seeks to promote knowledge and awareness to achieve sustainable social development.

On the directives of the crown prince, work on the program has already begun. Currently, teams are preparing the overall structure of the program and are working on its governance model and initiatives in line with the Vision 2030 to promote community development through nonprofit institutions and sectors.

The program envisages sustainable development through social cooperation that ensures a decent life for all citizens in line with the teachings of Islam.

SNAD Mohammed bin Salman program is based on many social and nonprofit initiatives that the crown prince has launched in partnership and coordination with various parties.

The most recent of these initiatives include support for charitable associations, the release of prisoners and the development of historical mosques etc.

A number of other initiatives will also be launched in different phases. Details about this program are available on its official website

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