Akhas Tazhutov is a political analyst from Kazakhstan.


Articles by Akhas Tazhutov :

How Much Longer Will Russian Politicians And Political Experts Go Quietly On Slandering Kazakhstan? – OpEd

 “At the disintegration of the USSR, Kazakhstan seceded from the Soviet Union without observing international law, so the country may

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Putin Should Wonder Why A Russian Citizen Of Kalmyk Origin Likens Contemporary Russia To Nazi Germany – OpEd

In his last article, this author has already talked about the Russian leadership increasingly starting to see the main danger

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Question To Putin: Is Inter-Ethnic Peace Possible In A Country Where Murdering Asians Is Considered A Less Serious Crime Than Fist-Fighting With White Russians? – OpEd

Arkady Ostrovsky of the Economist, in his article entitled ‘Russia risks becoming ungovernable and descending into chaos’ and published on

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Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia Are Leaving For The EU, While Kazakhstan Is Quitting Russosphere For Sinosphere: So Who Is Russia Left With? – OpEd

In his oral presentations and articles in the press since Russia launched its war in Ukraine a year and a

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‘Heavy Artillery’ Of Russian Propaganda Opens Fire On American Edition Of Politico: What Prompted This Attack? – OpEd

The Kremlin propaganda machine keeps working hard each day to justify the Russian leadership’s policy in the Ukrainian and Mid-Eastern

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French President’s Visit To Kazakhstan: Macron Opted For Easiest Way Of Pleasing Kazakh Leadership And Society – OpEd 


What a politician wouldn’t do, while he is visiting a nation that is his country’s biggest supplier of raw uranium

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Macron’s Visit To Astana: Time Is Working Against France’s Interests In Kazakhstan – Analysis

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived Wednesday on an official visit to Astana.  Here is how French and other Western media

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Kazakhstan Risks Being Caught Between Turkish Hammer And Western Anvil Amid Ongoing Israel-Palestine Conflict – Analysis

On October 29, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a phone conversation, the content of

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Kremlin Propagandist: What Will President Tokayev Do When Kazakhstan Comes Under Attack By Russian Army? – OpEd

On the eve of Kazakhstan’s holiday of national sovereignty in the network appeared photos in which U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan

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Why Cannot Russia React To Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Just The Way Turkey And China Are Doing? – OpEd

Throughout the cold war, Moscow backed the Palestinian cause. The Soviet Government has not maintained an embassy in Israel since

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