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Brig Arun Sahgal, PhD (Retd) is Executive Director for the Forum for Strategic Initiative, and Joint Director of Net Assessment, Technology, and Simulation at the Institute of National Security Studies in New Delhi and Founding Director of the Indian Net Assessment Directorate, created to assess long-term strategy. Following a distinguished 36-year career in the Indian Army, he served as Head of the Centre for Strategic Studies and Simulation, and Deputy Director of Research at the United Service Institution of India. He has also served as a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. Brigadier Sahgal was a member of the National Task Force on Net Assessment and Simulation, under India’s National Security Council, and continues to support Council through consultancy assignments. He has written extensively on Indian relations with China and Central Asia, and conducted net-assessment studies on Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and the Asia-Pacific region.


Articles by Brig Arun Sahgal, PhD (Retd) :

An Indian Perspective On Chinese Defence White Paper “Diversified Employment Of Chinese Armed Forces” – Analysis

The importance of Defence White Papers lies in providing a broad understanding of politico military direction together with the plans

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China – Bhutan Relations And India – Analysis

India’s strategic concerns about China arise from its emergence as the most influential player in Asia with the ability to

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China Rebuilds Defence Ties With India – Analysis

The visit by China’s Defense Minister to India after a hiatus of eight years comes at a time when bilateral

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Death Of Osama: Game Changer For Pakistan’s Military? – Analysis

The killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad, 55km north of the capital of Pakistan has once again brought forth

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Engaging The Pakistani Military: India’s Gains – Analysis

The London Times report on secret parleys between the Indian Prime Minister’s special non-official interlocutor and Gen. Pervez Kayani has

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