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Ben Tanosborn is a syndicated columnist. Over a decade ago he started writing a weekly sociopolitical column, 'Behind the Mirror,' hoping to bring new perspectives that would allow us to see ourselves with borrowed eyes. He can be reached at [email protected]


Articles by Ben Tanosborn :

The RAP Vote: Repudiation Of American Politics – OpEd

On Wednesday, July 4, Ricky “My-T-Mouth” Johnson, an obscure ghost lyricist in the rap-music world, and also an acquaintance from

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Progressives Should Not Help Reelect Obama – OpEd

After having been part of the American electoral process for the past 12 presidential elections, I have made a vow

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Facebook SOBS, Or ‘Don’t Cry For Me Avaritia’ – OpEd

The sobs we have in mind are neither short, audible gasps of breath of those who are invested in Facebook

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Housing Subsidies: Capitalism’s Smoke And Mirrors – OpEd

I have always looked at government subsidies with suspicion… trying to identify whether they are designed to assist (those in

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Freedom’s Three R’s: Riots, Rebellion And Revolution – OpEd

April 29 marks a score since the “Los Angeles Riots,” sparked by a “not guilty” verdict rendered on four policemen

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The Other 1936-1939 War – OpEd


April 15, marks for me an anniversary of another April 15 of 44 years ago, two months short of getting

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Cuba Needs Advocates That She Can Trust – OpEd

If nothing else, the papal visit to the “Pearl of the Antilles” concluded last week kept vigil on the all-important

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We (Don’t) Take Care Of Our Own – OpEd

A generation ago Bruce Springsteen was socio-serenading us with what soon was to become the iconic song, “Born in the

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Summoning An America Of Break-Believe – OpEd

If we don’t come to terms in America to the reality around us, we will be doomed; and not just

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Our Tolerance For Fashionable Deception – OpEd

Nothing appears as ugly as unmasked raw propaganda, or seems as fashionable as well-crafted deception. Yet, the catwalk for both

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