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Bruno de Paiva is an analyst focusing on Geopolitics in Asia and Indian Ocean regions and North Korean issues.


Articles by Bruno de Paiva :

Tajikistan: Diar Dushanbe A Symbol Of Qatar’s Desired Future Outlook – Analysis

The recent opening of a visitor centre by Qatari Diar in Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, is a further sign of Qatar’s

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Brazilian Involvement In Asia Strengthened By Malaysia Deal – Analysis

A recent move by Brazilian conglomerate EBX Group to commit US$6billion for fast-tracked high impact strategic foreign direct investments (FDI)

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South Sudan Latest Geostrategic Focus As US Approves Defense Exports – Analysis

The US has made the decision to export military equipment and services to the recently independent South Sudan. U.S. President

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Twinning Of Guangzhou And Kuwait City: Why It’s Potentially Significant – Analysis

The announcement of an agreement ‘twinning’ the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou with the Kuwaiti capital Kuwait City is a

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Japan’s Increasing Energy Involvement In Eurasia Region – Analysis

Iranian officials called for greater economic cooperation with Japan in Iran’s Free Trade Zones (FTZ’s) last week. The call came

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Bahrain Significant To US Interests Despite Hold In Arms Sale


Bahrain has not had a good year as a result of the instability that stemmed from an uprising by members

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Turkmenistan At Forefront Of Global Energy Security Needs – Analysis

The arrival of Austrian President Heinz Fischer in Turkmenistan earlier this week on an official visit is the latest of

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