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Emil Asadulla MD, MS, California State University, East Bay, is an Afghan with significant insights in the current affairs of Afghanistan, and author of Islam vs. West: Fact or Fiction?


Articles by Emil Asadulla :

USA Double Dealing With Afghanistan? – OpEd

On December 18th the United States of America reimbursed Pakistan $688 million for the cost of its 140,000 troops on

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Afghanistan: Urgent Need To Address Issue Of Corruption – OpEd

Despite the claims of success in Afghanistan, there are many flaws that need our immediate attention if the international community’s

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Pakistan’s Double Dealing In Afghanistan – OpEd

It is becoming more and more evident that Pakistan is heavily involved in the Afghan war, and is in fact

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Is Pakistan With Us Or Against Us? – OpEd

We can all appreciate why Pakistan is upset with the recent loss of lives of its soldiers this past Saturday,

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What Does Afghanistan Really Need Besides Militarism? – Analysis

The international community is scheduled to depart Afghanistan in the end of 2014. Unfortunately, quitting Afghanistan after ten years of

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Importance Of Afghanistan-US Strategic Partnership – Analysis


On November 19th, Afghanistan ended its more than 2,000 member Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly), which was commenced four days earlier

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Afghan Perspective: Dire State Of Afghanistan And Strategic Relationship With US – Analysis

Afghanistan has been experiencing for the past 32 years of calamity after calamity. The disastrous period began with the overthrow

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Pakistan’s Afghanistan Paranoia – OpEd

Pakistan is paranoid of having a stable Afghanistan, one which can execute its matters from within a sovereign state. The

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