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Evolutsia.Net a news and analysis blogozine covering the political landscape of Georgia republic. Evolutsia.Net aims to provide the public with an objective and international perspective on Georgia’s work-in-progress transition to a modern, pluralistic democracy. Evolutsia.Net is led by three independent analysts with experience in and pertaining to Georgia. Evolutsia.Net has no political affiliations and endeavors to provide information and analysis without bias or prejudice.


Articles by Evolutsia :

Georgia-Israel Relations Continue Stumbling With Monastery Flap – Analysis

A controversy over a historically Georgian monastery in Jerusalem is further complicating already-strained ties between Tel Aviv and Tbilisi. By

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Imedi TV’s ‘Hope’ For Cheap Ratings – OpEd

Even beyond its sad news coverage, Imedi TV continues to live up to its hard-won reputation as a peddler of

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Ali And Nino’s Enduring Mystique – Analysis

Kurban Said’s classic Ali and Nino has become a kind of literary calling-card for the South Caucasus region. Emma Pratt

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Syrian Unrest And The Dilemma Of Circassian Repatriation – Analysis

As Syria’s conflict escalates, questions abound over the fate of the Baathist country’s multiethnic constituents. For Syria’s small but significant

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Roundtable: Interpreting Georgia’s ‘New Level’ Of Defense Cooperation

According to Georgia’s leadership, the defense ties between Washington and Tbilisi are poised to jump to the “next level.” Evolutsia.Net’s

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Patronage Politics: The Tug-O-War For Georgia’s Artists – Analysis


While most media outlets focus on Bidzina Ivanishvili the opposition politician, he has been a major art patron for much

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Caucasus Context: Kenneth Yalowitz On Obama-Saakashvili Meeting

This week’s Caucasus Context features Ambassador Kenneth Yalowitz, who served as the head of the U.S. diplomatic mission to Georgia

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Roundtable: Misha Goes To Washington – OpEd

Monday’s meeting between Mikheil Saakashvili and Barack Obama: a major deal or business as usual? Evolutsia.Net’s roundtable sounds off on

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Kutaisi’s Airport: Georgia’s Opportunity – OpEd

Kutaisi, Georgia’s historic “second city”, may become host to Georgia’s newest airport and, with it, a major economic opportunity. Guest

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The EU’s ‘Foreign Policy’ Towards Georgia – Analysis

By Tatia Gurgenidze The war between Georgia and Russia in 2008 not only raised several questions on who to directly

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