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Farha Khaled is a columnist for the Saudi based Arab News. She blogs at: Twitter: 


Articles by Farha Khaled :

Fear Inc. Exposes Recession-Proof Islamophobia Industry – OpEd

Fear Inc. lays bare the funding, and the spider web that connects the prime players. A six-month research project by

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Debbie Schlussel Rants Steve Jobs’ Father Is Not Muslim – OpEd

In an eccentric reversal to the ‘Obama is a Muslim’ meme, we now have a ‘Steve Job’s father is not

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Bat Ye’or And The Dhimmitude Of Eurabia – OpEd

Meet Bat Ye’or, the Islamophobia industry’s favourite historian who popularised such terms as ‘Eurabia’, a Euro Arab Axis and “Dhimmitude” the servile

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