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Gabriela Ionita is editor to Cadran Politic (, analyst in the field of International affairs (mainly connected with the Russian Federation and Community of Independent States). Also maintains a frequently updated blog Power&Politics World ( She graduated from the National School of Political and Administrative Sciences - Bucharest, specialization in Communication and Public Relations. Ms. Ionita lives in Bucharest City, and can be reached via e-Mail at gabriela.ionita(at)


Articles by Gabriela Ionita :

The Tymoshenko Case: Between Hypocrisy And Justice – OpEd

Recently, the whole of Europe seems to be scandalized by the situation of former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko.

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Romania: A Revolution For Evolution? – OpEd

It’s been a week already since the beginning of protests in Romania. Every day in Bucharest and in over 40

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The Master, Sorcerer’s Apprentice And Split Of Two-Headed Eagle Of Russia – OpEd

In the second day of Sankt Petersburg Internațional Economic Forum (SPIEF) work at the forefront of attention was the participation

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Medvedev Vs Putin: The Dilemma Of Elections With Predictable End – OpEd

Although the possibility of a spectacular turn up in next year’s presidential elections in the Russian Federation is as likely

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