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Iqbal Ahmed is a public policy graduate from George Mason University, Iqbal Ahmed lives and works in the DC Metro area. He has written for Foreign Policy Journal, Journal of Foreign Relations, Global Politician, and NPR’s “This I believe.”


Articles by Iqbal Ahmed :

The Paradox Of Padma River Bridge Funding Decision In Bangladesh – OpEd

Despite its commitment, the World Bank has cancelled the funding of $1.2 billion for the Padma River bridge project in

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Monsanto’s Ill-Effects In India – OpEd

Monsanto’s operation in India illustrates the monopolization and manipulation of market economy, tradition, and technology. The world’s largest producer of

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Is Burma Moving Towards A Democratic Reform? – Analysis

The notoriously powerful military junta of Burma is loosening its grip. In an uncharacteristic move, former army general Thein Sein,

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