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Khan A. Sufyan is a security analyst on South Asia and has advised government, semi-government and private organizations and institutions on national and international security issues, as well as participating in number of national and international seminars and presented papers on various regional and global security issues.


Articles by Khan A. Sufyan :

Pakistan: The True Heir Of Indus Valley Civilization – Analysis

The vision of Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in the 1940s did not only constitute creation of a Muslim political

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India: Democracy Soaked In Blood Of Her Own People – OpEd

We arrived in Darzo (Mizoram, India) about ten in the morning. My orders were to get the villagers to collect

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Exploring Pakistan’s Nuclear Thresholds – Analysis

Recent testing of short range ballistic and cruise missiles by Pakistan has initiated a debate in India regarding possible use

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India’s Nuclear Weapons Exceed 200: Exacerbates Asian Nuclear Quagmire – Analysis

On May 18, 1974 India conducted its first so-called peaceful nuclear explosion and named it Smiling Buddha. Obviously Buddha would

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Pakistan’s Geopolitical Dilema China Or US: Viewpoint From Pakistan – Analysis

The dynamic nature of geo-political environment is transitioning from American efforts to retain its uni-polarity to a stage where the

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