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Mr. MJ Hashmi is M.Phil in Defence and Strategic Studies. He is an Author of a book entitled as “Nuclear Terrorism in Pakistan: Myth of Reality?” His Area of interest is Nuclear Terrorism, Nuclear Safety and Security issues in Pakistan, Arms Control and Disarmament, Nuclear Non-Proliferation. He can be reached at [email protected]


Articles by Muhammad Jawad Hashmi :

Prospects Of (LIC) Low Intensity Conflict In South Asia – OpEd

The induction of the Nuclear weapons has brought the relative peace in the world. Nuclear weapons have not only changed

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Terrorism: A Socio-Economic Deprivation – Analysis

“When the death looks greener than starvation” manifests the phenomenon of depravation as a drift towards extremism. Societies that have

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How Safe And Secure Are US Nuclear Complexes? – OpEd

The challenges to the safety and security of Nuclear Weapons/Material are not only a matter of concern for newly-born nuclear

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Pakistan As A Responsible Nuclear-Weapons State – OpEd

9/11 introduced a new dimensions to the patterns of violent conflict, with full force, massive casualties in single act of

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Aum Shinrikyo In Pursuit Of Nuclear Weapons – Analysis

Aum Shinrikyo has an apocalyptic belief structure where the world is divided into two opposing forces, good and evil. Shoko

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Global Efforts To Curb Nuclear Terrorism – Analysis


The Global Initiative To Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) The Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism was initiated by US former

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Recorded Incidents Regarding Nuclear Accident, Smuggling – Analysis

Plutonium used as poison In Germany, a man attempted to poison his ex-wife with plutonium stolen from WAK (Wiederaufbereitungsanlage Karlsruhe),

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Difficulties For Terrorists To Fabricate Nuclear RDD/IND Weapons – Analysis

It could be guessed that the interest by terrorists in manufacturing a nuclear weapon of an IND (Improvised Nuclear Device)

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Threats Of Nuclear Sabotage Against Pakistan – Analysis

As a nuclear weapons’ state, Pakistan faces a number of challenges, which if  unaddressed could cause a severe damage to

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Al Qaeda In Pursuit Of Nuclear Weapons/Radiological Material – Analysis

The pursuit of nuclear weapons and material by sub national groups has been an alarming challenge to deal with. This

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