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New Civilisation is an online political journal which provides a unique source of insight and critical analysis regarding the pressing political, economic and ideological issues of the time. Its motivation is to provide an authentic alternative to the standard analysis often found in mainstream outlets – opening a channel for advocates of alternative Islamic political models to present their critiques of other understandings and put forward their own opinions while allowing them to be discussed and challenged within an environment of informed and respectful discourse.


Articles by New Civilisation :

The Malala Yusafzai Case: Debating With The Real Rightwing – OpEd

By Moez Mobeen The attack on the young Malala Yusafzai has morphed in to a debate about the future direction

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Gaza: Between Rhetoric And Liberation – OpEd

By Farah Abdul Khaliq The new Hijri year is upon us, marking the 1434th year since Rasoolullah s.a.w. migrated to

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Taxing Times – OpEd

By Jamal Harwood Several large multinationals were embroiled in a tax scandal this past week as executives from Starbucks, Amazon

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Poppy Populism – OpEd

By Dr. Abdul Wahid A year ago my son’s class teacher told the class that wearing a poppy in November

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Lance Armstrong And Jimmy Savile: How Government Surrended Charity To Celebrity – OpEd

Society should be asking the question; who should be charged with the caring for the mentally ill and the disabled?

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What The Jimmy Saville Scandal Tells Us About Modern Britain – OpEd

By Dr. Abdul Wahid This matter goes far beyond the case of one man. The market-driven attitude towards women, which

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Dawkins The Agnostic And The Limitations Of Science – OpEd

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By Sharif Hafezi Richard Dawkins is known throughout the world as a prominent advocate for atheism and evolution, however he

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Modern Myths Explained: “Freedom Of Speech” – OpEd

Freedom of Speech – a universal value? By Dr. Reza Pankhurst Freedom of speech is the concept that one should

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Beyond The Mursi Effect: Holding The Egyptian President To Account – OpEd

By Ali Harfouch Debate, discussion, and consultation are essential if Islamic activist are to draw and develop and elucidate a

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Obama Preaches Hollow Western Values At UN – OpEd

By Shafiul Haq “… freedom and self-determination are not unique to one culture. These are not simply American values or

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