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New Civilisation
New Civilisation is an online political journal which provides a unique source of insight and critical analysis regarding the pressing political, economic and ideological issues of the time. Its motivation is to provide an authentic alternative to the standard analysis often found in mainstream outlets – opening a channel for advocates of alternative Islamic political models to present their critiques of other understandings and put forward their own opinions while allowing them to be discussed and challenged within an environment of informed and respectful discourse.


Articles by New Civilisation :

Baiting Muslims And Islam As A Fundamental Principle Of The Republic? – OpEd

By Dr. Reza Pankhurst The deliberate provocation goes on. Charlie Hebdo published cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammad in what will

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Western Civilization Is Not Universal – OpEd

By Moez Mobeen The Muslim world has risen once again over the blasphemous film insulting the Prophet of Islam. Although

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The Challenging Paradoxes Facing Morsi – OpEd

By Ali Harfouch It did not take long before the euphoria from our brother Muhammad Mursi’s[1] “victory” was clouded by

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The Egyptian Government Prepares For War – OpEd

By Reza Pankhurst The Egyptian government, led by President Mohammad Morsi, is currently preparing for war. While a few (naïve)

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OIC Extraordinary Summit: Empty Unity In Absence Of Caliphate? – OpEd

By M A Niazi The call by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Saud for an Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

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Beyond The Arab Spring – OpEd


By Sharique Naeem As the Arab spring continues to unfold, each event, is being analyzed closely by Politicians, Journalists, and

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Afghanistan: America And NATO Misadventures – OpEd

By Abid Mustafa “The West has already failed in Afghanistan, just as the Soviets failed in the 1980s and the

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Pakistan’s Marriage With America Is Unsustainable – OpEd

By Abid Mustafa “They believe they have been let down by the leadership across the board, that they do not

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Austerity And Globalization Of Poverty: Closing Chapter In Capitalism’s History? – OpEd

By Idries De Vries When back in the 1980’s the trend of “globalization” began, the general consensus amongst thinkers and

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Towards Liberty For Syria – OpEd

Ali Harfouch  Towards Liberty for Syria: An Alternative Charter[1] “…and say: surely, this is my path…” A political actor is

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