Rick Rozoff is a journalist and blogger and many of his articles may be found at the Stop NATO blog.

Website: http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com/

Articles by Rick Rozoff :

US State Department Reveals 21st Century NATO’s Global Priorities – OpEd

The State Department’s top Eurasia hand addressed the House Committee on Foreign Affairs’s Subcommittee on Europe and Eurasia on April

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Risk-Free And Above The Law: U.S. Globalizes Drone Warfare – OpEd

Last week the Washington Post, the New York Times and other major American newspapers reported that the U.S. launched its

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US And NATO Allies Expanding Global Military Footprint – OpEd

Recent statements by the defense ministers of Germany and Canada reveal that the globally-oriented Western military consortium that is the

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Turkish Actions Designed To Trigger NATO Confrontation With Syria? – OpEd

Last week a feature by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton excoriating the political leadership of Syria appeared in the London-based

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NATO Incorporates Libyan Experience For Global War Template – OpEd

As the West’s war against Libya has entered its fourth month and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has flown more

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NATO’s Afrika Korps Escalates War Of Attrition Against Libya – OpEd

The relentless and intensifying Western air war against Libya will soon enter its fourth month. For the first thirteen days

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Gulf State Gendarmes: West Backs Holy Alliance For Control Of Arab World And Persian Gulf – OpEd


The standard-bearers of Anglo-American imperialism in the current epoch, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, met in London

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Africa: Battleground For NATO’s 21st Century Strategic Concept – Analysis

The war by major North Atlantic Treaty Organization member states against Libya is in its third month and has been

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