Seema Sengupta is a journalist based in Kolkata, India and a Contributing Writer for The Korea Times, Seoul. Her articles have been published by Asia Times Online, South China Morning Post, The Bengal Post and other newspapers. Recipient of National Award for Excellence in appreciation of excellent services rendered in the field of Freelance Journalism, 1999. She can be reached at [email protected]


Articles by Seema Sengupta :

Indian Government In Dilemma Over Muslim Killings In Myanmar – OpEd

The violent protest in Mumbai that snuffed out two precious lives is the most visible dissent witnessed on Indian soil

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India’s U-Turn On Sri Lanka – OpEd

India’s decision to vote in favor of a United States sponsored UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution censuring the Sri

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India’s Dilemma Over Assimilating The Jarawas Into Mainstream – OpEd

A controversial video displaying the endangered Jarawa tribal women being coaxed by local policemen to dance for tourists visiting the

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The Condemned Men Of India’s Tribal Insurrection – OpEd

Ever since the killing of the top Maoist military strategist Koteshwar Rao alias Kishenji, a deliberate hyperbole on the part

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Motivational Dilemma Of Indian Armed Forces – Analysis

The Indian Air Force Chief’s piquant criticism of the rookie pilots – his organization’s lifeline, for the frequent crash of

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India’s Corruption Dilema – Analysis


At a time when the United Nations has been advocating complete intolerance against all forms of corruption, India – a

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Exclusive Interview: Too Late For Dialogue On Transitional Regime – Syria Opposition Leader

As the Syrian authorities embark upon an indiscriminate wave of detention, prominent intellectuals and activists have gone underground. With Bashar

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Obama’s Osama Conquest – Analysis

As the flashed news of Osama Bin Laden’s elimination by a carefully selected contingent of US commandos appeared on television

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