Tierramérica is a joint project of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and The World Bank (WB), with IPS serving as the executive agency.

Website: http://www.tierramerica.info/

Articles by Tierramerica :

Indigenous Chileans Continue To Oppose Pinochet-Era Highway Project

By Marianela Jarroud For more than two decades, Mapuche indigenous people in the Chilean region of Araucanía have been fighting

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New Patient Profile And Treatment For Chagas Disease

By Estrella Gutiérrez Chagas disease, the third most serious infectious disease in Latin America, is developing a “new face” and

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Peru: Indigenous Communities Take Charge Of Environmental Monitoring

By Milagros Salazar At the end of every month, with the skill of an environmental engineer, Wilson Sandi prepares a

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Brazil: Sustainable Fashion Born In Favelas

By Fabiana Frayssinet A Brazilian designer has taken fashion from the exclusivity of the catwalk to the reality of the

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Brazil Embarks On Cloning Of Wild Animals

By Alice Marcondes Brazilian scientists are attempting to clone animals in danger of extinction, like the jaguar and maned wolf,

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El Salvador: Communities Organize To Confront Climate Change


By Edgardo Ayala Armed with chainsaws, machetes and shovels, local residents of El Salvador’s Lower Lempa River Basin, near the

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Communal Land Titling At A Standstill In Peru

By Milagros Salazar The titling of the lands of indigenous and peasant communities has been at a practical standstill for

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Bicycles Defend Their Place In Mexico City’s Concrete Jungle

By Emilio Godoy Juan Longueiro, 56, uses the bicycles of the Ecobici system three times a day, to commute to

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Uruguay: Schools Slowly Say Goodbye To Junk Food

By Inés Acosta Uruguayan schoolchildren are learning that cookies, candy, potato chips and soft drinks are bad for their health.

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