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Tierramérica is a joint project of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and The World Bank (WB), with IPS serving as the executive agency.


Articles by Tierramerica :

World Bank: Latin America Has Green Antidote Within Reach

By Diana Cariboni The natural resources of currently buoyant Latin America could be significantly depleted in less than a generation.

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Brazil: Government Aims To Confiscate Property Of Landowners Using Slave Labor

By Clarinha Glock Today, in the 21st century, there are still tens of thousands of Brazilians subjected to slave-like working

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Honduras Committed To Protecting Its Marine Treasures

By Thelma Mejía Honduras, in the heart of Central America, normally makes headlines for its political upheavals and violence. But

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Indigenous Message To Rio+20: Leave Everything Beneath Mother Earth

By Stephen Leahy Indigenous leaders from all over South America are making their way by foot, canoe and eventually on

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Spain: Fair Trade Is Alive And Well Despite Recession

By Inés Benítez The economic and financial crisis afflicting the countries of the European Union (EU) has scarcely affected sales

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Activists Call For Creation Of High Commissioner For Future Generations At Rio+20


By Stephen Leahy The theme of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) is “The Future We Want”, but

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Argentina Faces Dilemma Of Unconventional Oil And Gas

By Marcela Valente Vast reserves of natural gas and oil trapped underground, whose exploitation would signify major environmental impacts, will

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Renewable Energies Need New Incentives

By Fabíola Ortiz Clean, renewable energies contribute to economic growth and job creation while decreasing dependency on imports. This is

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An Argentine Perspective On Degrowth

By Marcela Valente The controversial concept of degrowth receives little press coverage in a region like Latin America. But the

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Bolivia Boosts Incentives For Foreign Oil Companies

By Franz Chávez Almost six years after the nationalization of hydrocarbon resources in Bolivia, foreign companies maintain an active presence

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