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Published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute
Published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute
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Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Getting Serious About North Africa – Analysis

11 Feb 2016 in 1 , Analysis

By Ahmed Charai* A​ growing number of terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe have a North African connection — yet Washington policymakers continue to pay far less attention to the region than is…

Locations of China and Taiwan. Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Taiwan’s 2016 Elections And Cross-Strait Relations – Analysis

05 Feb 2016 in 1 , Analysis

By Jacques deLisle* When Taiwanese voters went to the polls on January 16, 2016, they did something that has become admirably routine in Taiwan’s robust democracy: mandating a change of the party in power and…

Location of Azerbaijan. Source: CIA World Factbook.

Azerbaijan’s Best And Worst Moments of 2015: The European Games, Fake British Tourists, Currency Devaluations And More – Analysis

04 Feb 2016 in 1 , Analysis , Social Issues

By Arzu Geybullayeva* Despite all the show and the glamor of the European Games, 2015 went down as one of the most challenging years full of disappointment and resentment for the people of Azerbaijan. Leaving…

White House in Washington D.C.

Strategic Planning For Next President: Recommendations For The NSC Process – Analysis (Part 2)

29 Jan 2016 in 1 , Analysis

This is the second in a series of three essays on the challenge of strategic foreign policy planning for the next administration. In Part One, Colin Dueck described problems with the national security decision-making process…

Two Sukhoi Su-25s at Bassel Al-Assad International Airport in Latakia, one type of ground attack aircraft involved in the intervention. Source:, Wikipedia Commons.

A Method To The Madness: The Logic Of Russia’s Syrian Counterinsurgency Strategy – Analysis

28 Jan 2016 in 1 , Analysis

By John R. Haines* “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son.” — Elvis Presley Asked about Russia’s Syrian intervention, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper acerbically turned on President Vladimir Putin, whom he and others…