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Published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute
Published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute
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Location of Estonia. Source: CIA World Factbook

Estonia’s Innovation Culture: How Did It Happen? – Analysis

10 Dec 2016 in 1 , Analysis

By Joseph M. Ellis* (FPRI) — When former Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas appeared on the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in March 2016, the main topic of conversation was the country’s “e-Estonia” model….

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Photo montage from Wikipedia Commons sources.

US-Russia Relationship: Trump Can’t Fix It, But He Can’t Break It, Either – Analysis

09 Dec 2016 in 1 , Analysis

By Col. Robert E. Hamilton* (FPRI) — Over the past several months, much has been made of President-elect Donald Trump’s attitude toward and connections with Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. Some observers have charged…

The U.S. border fence near El Paso, Texas. Photo Credit: Office of Representative Phil Gingrey, Wikipedia Commons.

Another Brick In The Wall: Northern Mexico And The Trump Presidency – Analysis

09 Dec 2016 in 1 , Analysis

By David Danelo* (FPRI) — “Mexico. It’s unbelievable what’s happened,” President-elect Donald Trump said at an August 10 Fort Lauderdale rally, after warning the audience of the impending departure of 1,400 Carrier Air Conditioning jobs…

Photograph taken from a Japanese plane during the torpedo attack on ships moored on both sides of Ford Island shortly after the beginning of the Pearl Harbor attack. U.S. Navy photograph, Wikipedia Commons.

Seventy-Five Years Ago: Remembering Pearl Harbor And A World At War – Analysis

08 Dec 2016 in 1 , Analysis

By John H. Maurer* (FPRI) — The seventy-fifth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor offers an opportunity to look back on the world-changing events of 1941. In that year, the United States was shocked…

Location of Syria. Source: CIA World Factbook.

Primer On The Alawites In Syria – Analysis

02 Dec 2016 in 1 , Analysis

By Devin Trivedi* (FPRI) — The Syrian conflict has captured the attention of the world. Currently, at least 470,000 Syrians have been killed, and 13.5 million are in need of humanitarian assistance. Additionally, more than…