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Published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute
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Middle East

Religious Minorities In The Modern Middle East – Analysis

22 Nov 2015 in 1&Analysis&Religion

By Lev Weitz* The majority of the Middle East’s population today is Muslim, as it has been for centuries. However, as the place of origin of a range of world religions – including Judaism, Christianity,…

Syria's Bashar Al-Assad. Photo by Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom / ABr, Wikimedia Commons.

Why Assad Must Go – Analysis

20 Nov 2015 in 1&Analysis

By Samuel Helfont* The recent attacks in Paris have underscored the need to defeat the Islamic State and reignited debates over how to do so. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and once again we…

Islamic State's Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Photo by Al-Furqān Media, official media arm of Islamic State terrorist group.

After Paris: Back To Basics – Analysis

19 Nov 2015 in 1&Analysis

By Adam Garfinkle* At times like these, in the immediate aftermath of a convulsive and repulsive terrorist attack like that of this past Friday evening in Paris, it is a good idea to repair to…

Member states of the Nordic-Baltic Eight. Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Nordic-Baltic Cooperation: A Balance Sheet – Analysis

16 Nov 2015 in 1&Analysis

By Robert M. Cutler* The Baltic States see Russia as an existential threat. Among the Nordic countries, NATO non-members Finland and Sweden have lately been subject to numerous Russian military incursions, both air and maritime….

Azerbaijan's Ilham Aliev. Photo by Claude TRUONG-NGOC, Wikimedia Commons.

2015 Parliamentary Elections In Azerbaijan: Still No Prospects For Democratization – Analysis

14 Nov 2015 in 1&Analysis

By Christine Philippe-Blumauer* On November 1st, Azerbaijan held its fifth parliamentary elections since independence. In the days that followed, those browsing the internet for reports on conduct and outcome of the elections might have found…