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At Eurasia Review we publish many authors – representing multiple viewpoints. Are you interested in submitting an article with us?

As Eurasia Review is an independent organization, our approach is to seek to present all sides to an issue – something that we believe allows readers to then make informed decisions. 

If you have an well-written article that you would like to submit to us for review, please contact us for our guidelines – which are quite basic and in general follows the AP Stylebook.

For those persons or organizations that would like to publish via Eurasia Review we can also provide an author or organization page with links and credits.

As a final note, Eurasia Review seeks to not only work with established organizations and individuals, but to empower undergraduate and graduate students worldwide, in a number of study areas such as Business, Humanities, Journalism, Humanities, Politics and Social Sciences.

As such, we aim to be a support vehicle for the next generation of academicians and journalists, as well as for experts in Public and International Relations and Higher Education areas.

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