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Eurasia Review (ISSN 2330-717X) believes a greater understanding of cultural differences is the path towards a safer, more secure and just world.

Eurasia Review’s Mission

Eurasia Review is an independent Journal that provides a venue for analysts and experts to disseminate content on a wide-range of subjects that are often overlooked or under-represented by Western dominated media.

Despite the combined Eurasia and Afro-Asia areas containing over 70% of the world’s population, analysis and news continues to be dominated by a U.S. slant, and that is where Eurasia Review enters the picture by providing alternative, in-depth perspectives on current events.

To achieve this goal, Eurasia Review publishes original content – as well as that provided by collaborating organizations – with distinct and varied points-of-view. As Eurasia Review is an independent organization, our approach is to seek to present all sides to an issue – something that we believe allows readers to then make informed decisions.

Eurasia Review provides:

  • Networking for analysts and experts, while providing a venue for publishing analysis and ideas that relate to current events
  • A media vehicle that encourages analytical thinking while advocating Freedom of Speech
  • Support for Human Rights and the sharing of ideas
  • Support for Centers of Higher Education and the training of future leaders.

Eurasia Review’s Objectives:

Eurasia Review aims to increase awareness of cultural difference and their impact on politics and business by educating and fostering professional growth.

Upon this backdrop, Eurasia Review seeks to not only work with established organizations and individuals, but to empower undergraduate and graduate students worldwide, in a number of study areas such as Business, Humanities, Journalism, Humanities, Politics and Social Sciences. We aim to be a support vehicle for the next generation of academicians and journalists, as well as for experts in Public and International Relations and Higher Education areas.

Principal Goals:

  • Collaboration Agreements with Think Tanks, news and media organizations, and individuals.
  • Collaboration Agreements with Higher Education Centers of Learning and Think Tanks to provide a worldwide platform to facilitate information sharing, research and experience exchange among students, academia and sector experts in a highly professional environment.
  • Sharing the Best Practices in the Colleges/Universities of Letters and Sciences, Journalism and Public Relations Schools with sector experts.
  • Provide a media vehicle for the publication of research, analysis, opinion and news content for established and aspiring academia, analysts and journalists.
  • Organize periodic meetings and other mechanisms to discuss emerging issues and challenges in an open environment that will allow experts to interact with students and bring value to institutional leadership issues that are of strategic interest and valued by Higher Education leaders.


If you – or your organization – would be interested in forming part of our partner network please contact us.

Eurasia Review is owned and published by Buzz Future LLC, a public relations and consulting firm, based in Albany, Oregon.

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