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Electron micrograph of an Ebola virus virion. Photo created by CDC microbiologist Cynthia Goldsmith, Wikipedia Commons.

What Can Africa’s CDC Learn From Zika And Ebola Epidemics? – Analysis

27 Mar 2017 in 1 , Analysis , Health

By Scott N. Romaniuk, Emeka T. Njoku, and Emmanuel K. Mpinga* 2017 has been an active year for health authorities in Africa, with the establishment of Africa’s own CDC in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and another…

Disengagement From Syrian Civil War Won’t Come Cheap For Russia – Analysis

15 Mar 2017 in 1 , Analysis , Business

By Omar Mawji Many analysts have been critical of the US military strategy to eliminate Daesh and establish a stable Syrian government. On the other hand, Russia has been praised, often by the same critics…

South Korea's Park Geun-hye. Photo Credit: Korean Culture and Information Service (Cheong Wa Dae), Wikipedia Commons.

Forecast Calls For ‘Sunshine’ On Korean Peninsula – Analysis

14 Mar 2017 in 1 , Analysis

The bombshell disclosures, mass protests, and obstinacy from the president to the very end – the epic downfall of Park Geun-hye will reverberate in South Korea for years to come. Yet the consequences won’t be…

Various Venezuelan 2007–2015 series bolívar fuerte banknotes. Photo by Jorge Andrés Paparoni Bruzual, Wikipedia Commons.

Will Creditors Get Paid Back By Venezuela? – Analysis

11 Mar 2017 in 1 , Analysis

By Todd Royal A recent internal document from Venezuela’s state-run oil company, PDVSA, verifies that they have fallen behind in payments by some $750 million in a Chinese and Russian oil-for-loan program to Venezuela. The…

South China Sea. Source: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Wikipedia Commons.

Science Offers Peace-Building Mechanism In South China Sea Dispute – Analysis

05 Mar 2017 in 1 , Analysis , Environment

By James Borton and John W. McManus Protecting marine environments and ensuring the ocean’s sustainability is a global issue that is vital for all life, and nowhere is this more important than in the South…