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The trend in international transfers of major weapons, 1950—2016. Credit: SIPRI

Global Arms Trade Hits Highest Level Since Cold War Ended – Analysis

24 Feb 2017 in 1 , Analysis

By Phil Harris With the global arms trade having reached its highest level since the end of the Cold War, the United States leads the list of countries transferring major weapons, and flows have increased…

Donald Trump. Photo by Gage Skidmore, Wikipedia Commons.

Trump Marks End Of A Cycle – OpEd

22 Feb 2017 in 1 , Opinion

Roberto Savio* Let us stop debating what newly-elected US President Trump is doing or might do and look at him in terms of historical importance. Put simply, Trump marks the end of an American cycle!…

United Nations Security Council Chamber in New York City. Photo by Neptuul, Wikipedia Commons.

UN Security Council Favors Dialogue While Condemning North Korea – Analysis

17 Feb 2017 in 1 , Analysis

By J Nastranis* The 15-member Security Council, including the veto-wielding USA, Russia, China, Britain and France, are keen to “reduce tensions in the Korean Peninsula and beyond” and “maintaining peace and stability on the Korean…

Soldiers with Battery C, 1st Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, Task Force Strike, begin their crew drill to load another round for a fire mission in northern Iraq, Aug. 15, 2016. The 526th Brigade Support Battalion’s Support Operations Cell and the 336th Combat Support Sustainment battalion’s movement control team in Erbil have sustained operations like this one, which are critical to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Army photo by 1st Lt. Daniel I. Johnson

Time To Reduce US Military Presence In Middle East – OpEd

17 Feb 2017 in 1 , Opinion

By Jonathan Power* Reporting on President Donald Trump’s new energy policy which plans for a big increase in domestically produced oil and gas, the Financial Times reported: “Exports of gas have begun, with the first…


UNIDO Focuses On Africa And LDCs In 2017 – Analysis

13 Feb 2017 in 1 , Analysis , Social Issues

By J Nastranis “Africa is by no means destined to lag behind the rest of the world economy. On the contrary, it could easily become a global economic powerhouse – and within the next decade….