Richard Silverstein

Richard Silverstein is an author, journalist and blogger, with articles appearing in Haaretz, the Jewish Forward, Los Angeles Times, the Guardian’s Comment Is Free, Al Jazeera English, and Alternet. His work has also been in the Seattle Times, American Conservative Magazine, Beliefnet and Tikkun Magazine, where he is on the advisory board.

Check out Silverstein's blog at Tikun Olam, one of the earliest liberal Jewish blogs, which he has maintained since February, 2003.

Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu
Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu. File photo.

Backlash Grows Against Bibi’s Congressional Speech – OpEd

Reports over the past two days have confirmed a rising tide of anger against the ploy organized by Israel’s ambassador Ron Dermer and House Speaker John Boehner to arrange for an address by Bibi Netanyahu to Congress.  The speech, originally scheduled five weeks before the upcoming Israeli election, was moved back to two weeks before, […]

Palestine - Israel flags
Palestine - Israel flags

Death Of Irony: US Threatens PA Funding For Joining Criminal Court – OpEd

The only way to describe the threats coming from the U.S. government to cut funding for the PA in the aftermath of its application to join the International Criminal Court is: the death of irony (I stole the general idea from the brilliant, Billmon). First, in joining the ICC, the PA is doing what the […]