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RSIS Commentaries are intended to provide timely and, where appropriate, policy relevant background and analysis of contemporary developments. The views of the author/s are their own and do not represent the official position of the S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), NTU, which produces the Commentaries.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Malaysia-US Relations: Challenges And Continuities – Analysis

17 Jan 2017 in 1 , Analysis

In the coming Trump era, Malaysia-US relations are likely to face both challenges and continuities. Existing structural factors would continue to undergird Malaysia-US relations while potential extremes of the Trump presidency could affect domestic politics…

India's Narendra Damodardas Modi. Photo from Narendra Modi's social networks, Wikipedia Commons.

India: Modi’s Demonetisation Gamble – Analysis

14 Jan 2017 in 1 , Analysis , Business

Since the costs of the shock currency move of last November continue to mount while the benefits are less obvious, the forthcoming state elections will be a key test for Prime Minister Modi and his…

Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo by Hafrul, Wikipedia Commons.

The Urban And Educated Jihadists Of South Asia – Analysis

13 Jan 2017 in 1 , Analysis , Social Issues

Contrary to popular perception that the jihadists in South Asia come from poor socio- economic backgrounds with madrasah education, a new breed of educated and urban militants with the urge for a sense of belonging…


Fight In Cyberspace: The State Strikes Back – Analysis

12 Jan 2017 in 1 , Analysis , Technology

Ensuring that the state is secure from cyber threats is increasingly becoming the priority of states all over the world, sometimes clashing with concerns over privacy. There are four notable ways that states have increased…

Member states of ASEAN. Source: Wikipedia Commons.

ASEAN Connectivity: Challenge For An Integrated ASEAN Community – Analysis

12 Jan 2017 in 1 , Analysis , Business

It is crucial for the success of the ASEAN Community to strengthen and build its intra-regional connectivity. This will lead to more investments in business and industry towards a more inclusive region. By Phidel Vineles*…