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UAE Ambassador Inaugurates Soccer Pitch In Washington DC – Analysis

Gulf states seeking to polish images tarnished by allegations of violations of human rights and their critics are employing soccer in an effort to shape American perceptions. At stake for countries like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates is more than just reputation; it is the ability to invest in strategic US assets without being […]


Bank Of America Agrees To Record $17bn Settlement

America’s second largest lender has reached a $16.65 billion settlement with US federal authorities for selling toxic mortgages misleading investors, the Justice Department said Thursday. “This historic resolution – the largest such settlement on record – goes far beyond ‘the cost of doing business,’” Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement posted on the […]


Unlikely Bedfellows: Mines That Run On Solar Or Wind Power – Analysis

By Andrew Topf Mining companies are often seen as dinosaurs when it comes to making changes that will benefit the environment, but that perception may be shifting as some companies turn to renewable energy to cut costs and lighten their carbon footprint. At first blush, mining and renewable energy seem incongruous. Mining’s reputation as a […]


China’s Engagement With Kazakhstan: Expanding Strategic Interests – Analysis

By Dr. Anurag Tripathi On June 24, 2014, 200 students and professors of Nazarbayev University located in Astana, the national capital of Kazakhstan, met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. Xi Jinping welcomed Kazakh students and professors in the Great Hall of the People, a political hub of Beijing and the meeting place of […]

West Texas Oil Pumpjack
West Texas Oil Pumpjack

US Midwest Propane Inventories Show Strong Growth In Recent Weeks – Analysis

Increasing production of crude oil in the Permian Basin has outpaced pipeline infrastructure to move the crude to refineries, causing prices for crude in the Permian (at Midland, Texas) to fall below similar crudes priced at Cushing, Oklahoma (Figure 1). While the discount of Midland prices to Cushing prices has been increasing for almost a […]

Atlanta airport. Photo: Daniel Betts, Wikimedia Commons
Atlanta airport. Photo: Daniel Betts, Wikimedia Commons

Global Study Ranks World’s Most Efficient Airports For 2014

Atlanta International Airport is the most efficient airport in the world, according to a comprehensive ranking of global airports, conducted by a team of international aviation academics at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. The ATRS Global Airport Benchmarking Report compares the operational and management efficiency, as well as cost competitiveness, of […]