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White House
White House

The Energy Market And The 2016 US Presidential Elections – OpEd

The next Presidential elections in the United States will be in year 2016. In the last two-term Obama administration, American Democrats appear to be very worn-out.Obama’s cautious, rational foreign policy and his economic and geopolitical expectations were unfortunately not enough.Democrats were unable to perform most of their social promises, i.e. ObamaCare. Oil in the Middle […]

Flag of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant
Islamic State flag

ISIS And The West’s Coalition Of The Barely-Willing – OpEd

In 1991, George Bush created what was then called the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ to defeat Saddam Hussein.  Yesterday, the U.S. met with members of what it hoped would be a new coalition of similarly willing nations dedicated to defeating ISIS.  The problem is that it’s a fractious coalition.  If George Bush thought he had […]

Obama makes statement on Iraq. White House screenshot
Obama makes statement on Iraq. White House video screenshot

Iran Viewpoint: US Shaky Triangular Coalition, Not Capable Of Fighting ISIS – OpEd

By Seyed Mohammad Eslami Various pieces of the puzzle are gradually coming together to give a clear meaning to certain behaviors. At first, a coalition takes shape in a summit meeting of NATO member states in Wales to discuss ways of fighting ISIS terrorists. During the meeting, the United States coalesces with France, Germany, UK, […]


Palestinian Reconciliation At Crossroads – OpEd

President Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah movement, which he commands, have unleashed a media campaign against Hamas and the resistance. If pressure from the Palestinian public fails to stop the campaign, Abbas may achieve politically what Israel failed to achieve militarily: forcing the Palestinian presidency to choose “peace with Israel” over national reconciliation. It appears […]