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Aging Scientific US Workforce Raises Concerns

he science and engineering workforce in the United States is aging rapidly, according to a new study. And it is only going to get older in coming years. Economists at The Ohio State University found…

A multi-institutional team has sequenced the genome of the mosquito that transmits the Zika virus uisng a new way to sequence the genome of an organism entirely from scratch, dramatically cheaper and faster. Credit Robert Lang

Zika Virus Mosquito Genome Assembled From Scratch

A team spanning Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, Texas Children’s Hospital and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard has developed a new way to sequence genomes, which can assemble the genome of an…

An artist's impression of the new pure and massive brown dwarf. Credit John Pinfield

Astronomers Identify Purest, Most Massive Drown Dwarf

An international team of astronomers has identified a record breaking brown dwarf (a star too small for nuclear fusion) with the ‘purest’ composition and the highest mass yet known. The object, known as SDSS J0104+1535,…

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