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Dr. Imran Ali Sandano is an author of "Sufism and Peace: A Counter Strategy of Extremism" and "Separatist Movement of Balochistan: A Non Traditional Security Threat" books. Currently, he is working as Senior Research Fellow at Nontraditional Security and Peaceful Development Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. His areas of interest are nontraditional security issues, terrorism, and conflict resolution, diplomacy, and Sufism. Dr. Sandano is a regular writer of different newspapers and weekly magazines. He holds PhD degree in Nontraditional Security Management, M.Phil degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, Masters in International Relations. He can be reached at [email protected] Tweeter iiimran110.


Articles by Dr. Imran Ali Sandano :

Pakistan Under New Wave Of Sectarianism – OpEd

Sectarianism is the principle source of terrorists’ activities in Pakistan. The current wave of target killing of Shia and Brelvi

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The Dilemma Of Security In Third World Countries – Analysis

John Herz introduced the idea of security dilemma in early 1950s; a structural notion in which the self help attempts

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Suicide Bombing And Pakistan – Analysis

According to Robest A. Pape, “Suicide terrorism is the most aggressive form of terrorism, pursuing coercion even at the expense

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Iran-US Naval Peril – OpEd

After the end of cold war and the disintegration of Soviet Union, US naval doctrine has gone through a remarkable

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The Dilemma Of CTBT – OpEd

In this contemporary world Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) looks like a complete complex document because its signatories took it

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Iran Face To Face With West And US – Analysis


The nuclear programme of Iran is one of the sources of concern especially for United States and its allies. They

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Is NATO A Global Threat? – OpEd

After the defeat of Warsaw Pact, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) had no such role to play in international

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Pakistan Flood Under Gloomy Silence Of Media – OpEd

Likewise last year, the monsoon flood in Pakistan has caused destruction for millions of people. According to estimation eight million

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Pak-US Relations: We Are Friends Not Foes – OpEd

Relations between the United States and Pakistan are at a make or break stage. This situation was severely strained at

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Sufism: A Motivation For Global Peace – OpEd

In the polarized world of today, where mankind seems to be drifting towards violence and chaos, disaster and misfortune seem

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