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Articles by Neve Gordon :

Salam Fayyad, The World Bank And The Oslo Game – OpEd

Most Palestinian analysts maintain that the Oslo agreements are to blame for the collapse of the Palestinian economy. Triggered by

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Perpetual Peace – OpEd

Last year I gave the Israeli artist Amir Nave an old Hebrew copy of Immanuel Kant’s Perpetual Peace, which I

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South Africa: What’s In A Label? – OpEd

South Africa’s recent demand that products originating in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and Golan Heights remove the

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Living Without Your Name – OpEd

My friend’s wife was accepted to a PhD program at McGill University in Montreal. They decided to move to Canada

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Erasing The Nakba – OpEd

I first heard about the Nakba in the late 1980s, while I was an undergraduate student of philosophy at Hebrew

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Zionist History: A Short Quiz – OpEd


Take this test to find out how much you know about the gradual shift in Israeli political thought over the

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Uprooting 30,000 Bedouin In Israel – OpEd

“It is not every day that a government decides to relocate almost half a per cent of its population in

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Preparing Israel For War – OpEd

Recent raids on Gaza were not just about allocating more money to defense – they were also about war with

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Is Israel Preparing An Assault Against Iran? – OpEd

The IAEA report on Iran’s alleged nuclear programme was surrounded by a media frenzy in Israel supporting an attack. Skimming

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The One-Sided US Veto – OpEd

Neve Gordon and Yinon Cohen US President Barack Obama’s decision to use the US’ veto prerogative if the United Nations

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