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Patrick J Buchanan
Patrick J. Buchanan is an American conservative political commentator, author, syndicated columnist, politician and broadcaster.


Articles by Patrick J Buchanan :

Patrick Buchanan: Who’s Afraid Of The Fiscal Cliff? – OpEd

Were the average Republican asked for a succinct statement of his views on taxation, he or she might respond thus:

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Patrick Buchanan: Is Middle East Peace A Mirage – OpEd

With the truce in the week-long Gaza war, Barack Obama is being prompted by right and left to re-engage and

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Patrick Buchanan: Mitt Wasn’t All Wrong About “Gifts” – OpEd

“What the president’s campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from

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Patrick Buchanan: Is The GOP Headed For The Boneyard? – OpEd

After its second defeat at the hands of Barack Obama, under whom unemployment has never been lower than the day

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Patrick Buchanan: The Coming Age Of Austerity – OpEd

“Are the good times really over for good?” asked Merle Haggard in his 1982 lament. Then, the good times weren’t

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Patrick Buchanan: Romney For President – OpEd


“Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people — a people descended from the

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Patrick Buchanan: McGovern And Goldwater: Losers Or Winners? – OpEd

Early in Ronald Reagan’s second term, Bill Rusher, the publisher of National Review, was interviewing the president in the Oval

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Patrick Buchanan: Negotiations Or War With Iran? – OpEd

“It would be unconscionable to go to war if we haven’t had such discussions,” said Nicholas Burns, under secretary of

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