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Salma Yusuf is a Visiting Lecturer, Masters in Human Rights, University of Colombo and University of Sydney; Visiting Lecturer, Bachelor of Laws, University of Northumbria – Regional Campus for Sri Lanka & Maldives; LL.M, Queen Mary, University of London; Queen Mary Scholar 2008-2009; LL.B (Hons), University of London. She provides legal and policy advisory services on both national and international programmes in the fields of human rights law, transitional justice, comparative social justice, and peace-building. She has authored publications for the Sri Lanka Journal of International Law; the Seattle Journal for Social Justice; the Complutense University of Madrid; the Institue of Human Rights; and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Email: [email protected]


Articles by Salma Yusuf :

Inciting Hate Under The Banner Of Human Rights – Analysis

The recently released film which ridicules Islam and depicts the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him) as a fraud,

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The Fine Art Of Human Rights Diplomacy – Analysis

Human Rights are an increasingly important aspect of Diplomacy, and must be regarded as such, in any endeavour to improve

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America Pivots To Asia While A Giant Awakens – Analysis

The race to the Whitehouse has begun. With the conventions concluded, attention is turning to the upcoming debates. It is

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Sri Lanka Youth Pledge To ‘Nunca Mas’ Mantra – OpEd

Walking into the auditorium of Jaffna College Vaddukodai last week was not overwhelming as a sea of smiling faces came

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Sri Lanka: Justice And Equity As Pathways To National Security – Analysis

The notions of justice and equity are paramount in any endeavour to establish and sustain national security. The sentiment was

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Embracing The Full Menu Of Human Rights – OpEd


The disproportionate focus on human rights from a negative perspective has sadly resulted in detraction from understanding the role that

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Sri Lanka Transitional Justice: Rehabilitation In Review – Analysis

Post–war rehabilitation of ex-combatants is a relatively new discipline in the field of international transitional justice. What is even newer

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Human Rights Protection In Sri Lanka: The Forgotten Half Of The Story – Analysis

Much ink has been spilt over the years on the subject of human rights in Sri Lanka. The opinions, observations

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Sri Lanka: Engaging The Diaspora For Reconciliation – Analysis

When history repeated itself on 6 June 2012, it became clearer that something is amiss in our post-war nation building

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